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November 2020 Newsletter


November 2020

Dear All,

It has been uncharacteristically long since our last newsletter. We had hoped to get a Spring newsletter to you, but, as with many things, Covid put a spanner in the works. 

With restrictions changing, and the end of the year approaching, we can finally get at least one newsletter to you before 2020 ends!

There has been so much going on in our community over the course of this year so far, that we wanted to share as much as we can with everyone. We saw fabulous VE Day celebrations; we have seen the whole estate on their doorsteps clapping the NHS; there have been rainbows in hundreds of windows; and the community has come together to help neighbours, friends, and strangers through these testing months. 

As we approach the Winter months, it is even more important that we continue to look out for one another. We must keep in mind our own health and that of our neighbours. Hopefully, by following the rules, we can move towards an enjoyable Christmas period, with family and friends. 

The end of the year, also means changes here at the committee. We are unable to hold our AGM; and the time comes for new members to join, and current members to step down. 

I must extend a big thank you to Kirsty, who will be stepping down as Secretary of the Residents Association. Kirsty has done a fabulous and meticulous job as secretary. Her contribution will be greatly missed. Rob has also stepped down as Chair of the Residents Association, having moved on to life outside the city!  Finally, I will also be stepping down (at least for now), as editor of the newsletter, as I welcome a new member to my family early in the new year.  We would love to hear from anyone keen to take on these roles.

It may be early to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I’ll refrain from reminding you all to wash your hands,  but I hope we can all look forward to a safe end of the year and a healthy start to 2021. We look forward to hopefully starting the new year on a positive footing!        
Zoe Wilson
Community Coming Together
Over the past few months, which have been testing for many, we have seen our local community really pull together! From the community WhatsApp group, bringing people together, and organising help for those in need; to rainbows in windows, and clapping the NHS on our doorsteps. 
Back in May, we saw wonderful celebrations across the estate in honour of VE Day 75. Thankfully the sunny weather, meant neighbours could come together outside. We saw celebrations with music, flags, laughter and cake!

We also saw windows and pavements across the Progress Estate brightened up with rainbows, to celebrate our wonderful NHS, and all our national and local heroes!

Neighbour shoutout!
There have been so many local good deeds taking place over these testing few months, that now is the time for some positivity.  We want to recognise those that have helped others in need.  If you have a positive lockdown story, or a neighbour that you would like recognised, then please let us know, so we can recognise them in the next newsletter.
Let’s acknowledge our own local heroes!
Contact us at with your nominations

AGM Update
Unfortunately, we are unable to hold our AGM in December, as would be customary. We have looked in to the possibility of holding the AGM virtually, but there is no viable way to do this successfully. However, we are committed to holding the AGM as early as possible in the New Year. As soon as social distancing, and government guidance allows, then we will share details on plans for a postponed 2020 AGM.

As always, the AGM agenda (when able to take place) will be:

1) Minutes of the 2019 AGM
2) Annual reports (a summary will also be included on our website,
3) Resolutions submitted to the Secretary (a new submission date is TBC)
4) Continuance of Affiliation
5) Election of Officers and committee members

AGM Resolutions 
Matters Residents wish to be considered at the AGM are called Resolutions. These include nominations for people to serve as Committee members, which must be seconded by a Resident who is present at the meeting. Resolutions will be passed if a majority of Residents voting, vote in favour. 
Resolutions must be in writing. They should be sent to the Progress Estate, ideally by email, to Alternatively, call 07852 888992 to be told where to address resolutions.
You must include your name and address in your email or letter. 

Available Positions
With several changes within the association, we are now looking for peoplethat would be interested in taking up any of the following roles:
- Chair Person
- Association Secretary
- Newsletter Editor
If you are interested in getting involved with the association or any of these roles then please contact us at 

Tribute to Margaret Johnson
Very sadly,  a valued member of the Resident’s Association passed away this month. Margaret was a beloved member of the association, who had everyone smiling on all occasions. She had a playful sense of humour, and was never short of a story to tell. Her joyful nature and infectious laughter will be truly missed. Our thoughts are with all her family and friends. 

Halloween, Christmas and New Year
With Halloween having just passed, and Christmas just around the corner.  We know that friends and family are hoping to be able to celebrate together , and hopefully enjoy a glass of mulled wine. As a community we have been fantastic at keeping our neighbours in mind, and looking out for each other. Let’s continue to look after one another, and stay mindful of putting the community first when participating in all activities. 

Neighbourhood Watch
If you would like to join your NEW Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, please contact

Send us your feedback and let us know what YOU would like to hear from your newsletter!  You can contact us via email on, or leave a voicemail or text at 07852 888992

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