Thursday, 1 October 2020

Margaret Johnston Obituary - ex-Vice-Chair - Progress Residents Committee Association

Margaret Johnson: in memoriam

Miles Davis died on 28 September 1991, a Saturday. I heard the news on the radio on the Sunday morning, a lovely, sunny Autumn day. I was living in North Somerset at the time. Our house was on the top of a hill looking towards the Severn Estuary. I put my 1959 Fontana LP of Kind of Blue on the deck, turned up the volume, opened the French doors and stood outside to listen to the music. That unmistakeable Harmon mute was now forever silenced.  

Kirsty McGrath (PRA Secretary) wrote to me soon after Margaret Johnston died and asked if we had heard the news. I said we had; it was as though a piece of the Estate’s living history was no longer with us.

...And so it will be with us all. Each of us is the sum of a unique patchwork of individual experiences that will die with us. But because Margaret lived on the Estate for so many years, (and was heavily involved in the running of the PRA), and so many of us are thankful that we knew her, her passing will be collectively mourned by many.

Keith Billinghurst

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