Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Repairs to the Damaged Main Sewer on Cobbett Road - May 2013 to Feb 2014

The Residents Association asked Thames Water to record the repair the damaged sewer as the southern end of Cobbett Road.  The intention had been to publish it in a subsequent issue of our Estate’s Newsletter, Making Progress.  As, however, this proved to be impossible due to budgetary cuts we are publishing their article on-line instead.


In May 2013, Thames Water’s contractors were called to Whinyates Road to investigate the cause of flooding to some local properties.  The source of the problem was traced back to a damaged main sewer on Cobbett Road.   

What we did

In order to repair the sewer, a temporary solution was formulated.   This was to install an over pump to maintain the flow of sewerage while design works progressed.  We decided that a sewer diversion would return normal function for local residents as well as reduce local flooding.   

This diversion consisted of three 6m deep caisson shafts* and 30m of directional drilled sewer to bypass the damaged section and return to the main sewer which runs under Rochester Way.  

There was a three month delay, from May to August, before starting the main work.  This was due to:

Soil investigations.
Designing the caisson shafts.
Trial excavations to determine the route of the diversion and various structural surveys.

The majority of the work was carried out from August through to December.   It finished around Monday 10 February after reinstatement works had been completed.   

We would like to thank the residents of Cobbett Road, and in particular those living at 26 Cobbett Road and 101 Rochester Way, for their co-operation throughout the course of this work.  Thanks are also due to Rev.
Steve Cook of St Barnabus Church for allowing us to use the church land to set up a site compound.

*The caisson shaft sinking system is used for construction of pumping stations, wet wells and manholes, particularly in difficult ground conditions (, accessed 24th May, 2014).

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  1. I would like to thank Reg and his team again for doing such a great job with this project. I don't know much about drains, but what I do know is that the triangular grassed area now has a beautiful new wall and the grass looks so much healthier than previously. The path to the side is very well laid and, although it took 5 months of graft, these above-ground works have added to the attractiveness and conservation at that end of Cobbett Road. Well done.