Friday, 20 March 2020

Self-isolating? You are not alone!

Are you unable to or concerned about leaving your home because of COVID-19/Coronavirus or you might have underlying conditions? Do you need someone to help with errands because you are in isolation? The residents of Progress Estate are here to help.

Residents of Progress Estate are coming together to help out in the community during this challenging time and have set up a WhatsApp group to offer assistance to those who are unable to leave their homes for the foreseeable future.

If you want to ask for help or offer to help, please contact either:
leaving a message on the association number (07852 888992)
email the Association at
join the WhatsApp group via this link 

When getting in contact, please share what it is that you need, how urgently it is required, the name of the street that you live on and a number to contact you on. Once assistance has been agreed, someone will be in contact to make further arrangements.  Expected offers will include, but are not limited to:

·      Collection (food, medication, toiletries, etc…)
·      Pet care (including walking, emergency vet appointments)
·      Posting/receiving mail/packages from post-office/depot
·      A friendly phone-call

A resident has also set up an ideas/information board (especially useful if you have children at home) which is accessed via

Please note that the WhatsApp group is not run by the Association however we are happy to support it.

Data Privacy: If you provide the Association with your contact details, you are also consenting to your contact details being shared with the WhatsApp group members. Your information will be deleted from our records once assistance has been provided for you. If you contact the WhatsApp group directly and wish to remove your information you will need to delete this yourself on the group (if you are unsure, please ask in the group for help

Thursday, 8 August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019

Letter from the outgoing editor 
Dear All,

It has been eventful 2019 so far for the Progress Estate Residents Association. We said goodbye to two of our longstanding members, Keith and Rita Billinghurst, along with Philippa Stone. However, our numbers have continued to grow as we welcomed new members; Zoe Wilson, Francis Reynolds and Mosa Pan. We continue to hear from other residents keen to support the association and its aims.
When I took on the editorship of the newsletter in August 2017, I did so with a view to get to know the estate and the association better as I was relatively new to the area. It has been a great way to meet other residents whether it has been through delivering newsletters or at the events the association has run.
I wish Zoe, the new editor, all the best with the role and I look forward to seeing the next edition in November! Kirsty McGrathNewsletter Editor

Afternoon tea with Contact the Elderly
On Sunday 30th June, we worked alongside Contact the Elderly to welcome some of our local, elderly residents to lunch at the Progress Hall. With help from Morrison’s of Welling who generously provided us with £20 towards the cost of food, the event was a great success. We were able to put on a tasty spread of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and some homemade delights. 

Our special guests also took part in a raffle. Fuelled by a profuse amount of tea, the winners were able to take home a range of treats to brighten their homes and put a smile on their faces. 

The afternoon gave us all the opportunity to spend time with, have fun, and give back to some of the older members of our community.

Contact the Elderly are looking for volunteer drivers and volunteer group coordinators across Greenwich to drive and organise their monthly tea parties for local older guests.

If you would like to get involved and help out, please find more information and an application form online at or call 02072400630.

We want you...
To get in touch with us to let us know what you would like us to be doing for you. 
Whether you; have a recommendation for our tradesman database, an idea for a residents event, feedback about the newsletter or our previous events then we want to hear from you.

You can contact us via email on, you can leave a voicemail or text at 07852 888992.

Do you know?
That we have a facebook page, take a look at

There is also a public progress estate parents group, join the group at

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Monday, 21 January 2019

Progress Residents' Association needs you!

Progress Residents' Association is managed by a volunteer committee, we are looking for residents of the estate who have a genuine interest in:
Representing the views and interests of the residents of the estate
Promoting and encouraging a sense of community
Monitoring proposed planning applications regarding alterations to the estate
Supporting Residents to receive the best possible housing, environmental and community-related services

What’s in it for you?
Making a difference within the estate for yourself and other residents
Use your skills and interests where they are really needed
Meet new people from the estate
Contribute to the decision making of the association

What’s in it for us?
Committed individuals
Your skills and enthusiasm
New ideas
Your attendance at a minimum of 6 committee meetings (generally every 4-6 weeks) and the AGM in December

We are particularly interested in hearing from Residents who are interested in:
social event planning, developing publicity, contributing to the newsletter and monitoring proposed developments within the estate.

If you would like further information and you are over 18 years of age and live in Progress Estate, please express your interest via email to or text 07852 888992 providing your details and the best way to contact you.

Friday, 23 November 2018

November 2018 Newsletter

November 2018
AGM Agenda
1) Minutes of the 2017 AGM
2) Annual reports
3) Resolutions submitted to the Secretary 
4) Continuance of affiliations
5) Election of Officers and committee members

Letter from the Chair of the committee
Dear All,I hope this year has treated you and yours well. Following the beast from the East we have had a lovely warm summer. The Association has been busy in the background this year, advising residents with planning applications, gas pipe renewals etc. Our parking meeting has produced a need for a considerable amount of work with the Council, Police and TFL which is ongoing. We held a Table Top Sale in October and our Christmas Social and AGM is upon us. Another year nears its end, as does mine and Keith’s time on the Committee. We have met some wonderful people and made new friends during our years on the Committee. We wish everyone living on our Estate and those whose work makes it such a great place to live all the best.Rita Billinghurst Chair, Progress Estate Residents Association


Matters Residents wish to be considered at the AGM are called Resolutions. These include nominations for people to serve as Committee members, which must be seconded by a Resident who is present at the meeting. Resolutions will be passed if a majority of Residents voting, vote in favour.

Resolutions must be in writing and be received no later than 7 days before the AGM. They should be sent to the Secretary, Kirsty McGrath, ideally by email to by 1st December, 2018.   Those without access to email should call 07852 888 992 to be told the address to which they should write their resolution to. Letters must be received by the 1st December 2018, so please allow time for postage. You must include your name and address in your email or letter.

The Aims of the Association

The Progress Estate Residents Association committee meet regularly to ensure that the aims of association are met for the benefit of the Residents of the estate. The aims of the Association are:
a) To represent the views and interests of all Residents in appropriate forums be these recognised organisations, groupings or otherwise.
b) To promote and encourage a sense of community amongst Residents.
c) To monitor proposed alterations to, developments on and maintenance of the Estate with a view to ensuring they are in keeping with its designation as a Conservation Area covered by an Article 4 Direction.
d) To exercise influence to ensure, insofar as is possible, that Residents receive the best possible housing, environmental and community-related services.
The Associations activities for the year are included in this newsletter. If you would like further information regarding the annual reports please contact the Secretary, Kirsty McGrath, ideally by email to by 1st December, 2018. Those without access to email should call 07852 888992 providing their name and address for a copy of the reports to be addressed to.

What have the Association been doing to support the Aims?

Book Sales

We published our book The Origins and Evolution of the Progress Estate, Eltham’s Garden Suburb in July, 2017. By the end of October this year, 163 copies had been purchased by people living on our Estate at £10 each and 103 by others living elsewhere in SE9 for whom the price was £12 a copy. A further 75 had been sold to addresses elsewhere in the UK at the cover price of £13.95 a copy.
Copies remain available and may be ordered by email from or by calling or sending a text to 07962 877389.

Please provide your house number, road name, postcode and phone number.
Keith Billinghurst

Houses Changing Hands

During the 12 months to the end of August 2018 (Land Registry data is published approximately 5 weeks after the end of each month) 32 houses changed ownership, 7 less than in the preceding 12 months. Welcome letters have been delivered to all these new owners. Unfortunately The Hyde Group ceased to provide us with the addresses of residents moving into their properties following a reorganisation near the beginning of the year and, despite requests from ourselves, have ceased to provide us with this information. 

We would therefore like to take this opportunity of welcoming all Hyde residents who have moved to our Estate during 2018.
Keith Billinghurst

Social Events

Our meeting in July to highlight parking problems on the estate was well attended and the committee is working through the various problems and their solutions with the different agencies involved.

The table top sale in October had 18 different stall holders from local people with varying items for sale. We were a little disappointed with attendance, but those that came enjoyed themselves and bought some bargains.
Rita Billinghurst

Social Media

We continue to maintain our online presence via:
Facebook, search “Progress Estate Residents’ Association” and don’t forget to ‘like us’
Youtube - search "Progress Estate"
Our website,

At this current time we have:
• 309 email subscribers
• 378 Facebook likes
• 572 twitter followers
• 10 videos on our YouTube account

Our website, continues to be popular with 81,500 views since launch of which 994 views were in of September.  
Our 210 articles cover the history of the estate and roads (with photos), planning permission guidelines, tradesman directory, news and updates.  
We are always looking for old photos of the Estate to add to our "roads" pages.  If you have any and are happy to share them with us (you will be credited) please let us know.

Finally, if you would like to receive future newsletters and updates via email, please send an email to with the subject ‘Email list’.
James Garner

Acts of Neighbourliness 

With each new year, we often make resolutions with an aim to change and improve ourselves. The Progress Estate Residents Association often hears about the acts of neighbourliness that are in support of our aim to create, promote and encourage a sense of community within the estate. Studies show that by performing even one random act of kindness, not only can make another person’s day but also your own, whether its asking if they would like a hand with some gardening or saying hello.
Acts of Neighbourliness that we have heard about include:  
Taking in neighbours bins
Taking in deliveries for neighbours
Picking up litter in the street

We would love to hear more of any acts of neighbourliness to share in future newsletters or on our website, please send them to us via email to or via text to 07852 888992.

Join our committee 

We currently have vacancies on our committee for new members  to help support the Association in meeting its aims. Taking on tasks as they arise such as responding to planning consultations, highways issues, dealing with The Hyde Group over matters such as the management of the communal gardens along Well Hall Road and elsewhere on our Estate and, recently, liaising with JDT Utilities who have been installing new gas pipes as contractors to Southern Gas Network.

Because some of these tasks often involve daytime meetings, ideally we be interested in persons who have recently retired or whose family have reached the age of independence.
If you would like further information or would like to express an interest in joining the committee please contact the Secretary, Kirsty McGrath, ideally by email to or via text to 07852 888992, providing details of how best to contact

The Progress Estate Residents Association Committee look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Social and AGM on Saturday 8th December at 2pm and wish all the Estate’s Residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Making Progress is published by the Progress Residents Association.
It is printed on their behalf by:

David Evans Property Services,
The Progress Estate Experts

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Saturday, 1 September 2018

August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018

Have our emails stopped arriving in your inbox?
At the time we created our list, emails were sent from a spreadsheet we maintained ourselves. After not very long, Gmail's approach to emails caused us to move to MailChimp, a provider now used by many organisations. We used to write to people whose emails were undelivered. Almost invariably, the reason why the email bounced, was they had changed their email addresses and they happily gave us their new one.

Because individuals' right to unsubscribe has heightened importance under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are no longer told of non-deliveries so cannot write to people as we used to. If therefore you change your email address, please write to from your new address and put 'new email address' in as the subject. We will then add your new address to our list.

Trades Database
Did you know that we have a list of recommended tradesmen and companies on our website here?
References are from past or current residents, resulting in each tradesman or company being added to the list.
If you would like to recommend a tradesman or company please email us at, telling us their trade, how to best contact them, the work that they did and when this was.

Parking Meeting
Feedback from the residents’ meeting regarding car parking concerns within the estate 
A public meeting was held in the Progress Hall on 13th July 2018 to ascertain residents’ concerns about parking and highway issues. The 37 people who attended represented 27 households from 12 roads across our Estate. We recorded 25 separate issues, each of which has been allocated to one of 7 groups:

Police/Royal Greenwich enforcement issues
Controlled Parking Zone issues
Other parking issues
Road marking issues
One-way road issues
Neighbourhood issues

The first group included 9 of the 25 issues. The Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Team have kindly provided feedback clarifying the division of responsibilities between the police and Royal Greenwich:

It is not illegal to park on pavements, provided pedestrians can continue to walk past them on the pavement. If a parked vehicle stops pedestrians using the pavement the matter should be reported to the non-emergency police telephone number, 101.

If residents believe vehicles are breaking the speed limit, they should report the matter to the same police number. Teams will ask for the name of the road (and in the case of long roads, the relevant part) and the time and days the speeding occurs.

Double-parking blocking the road should also be reported to 101.

Parking on double-yellow lines should be reported to Royal Greenwich, preferably by email to (main telephone no: 020 8854 8888)

Bins that are left blocking the pavement after they have been emptied should be reported to or by phone to 020 8921 4411 and, whether emailing or phoning, residents should specify they are reporting anti-social behaviour. When a large delivery is expected, or space needs to be reserved for a removal lorry, residents using bins to reserve a space are asked to display a note explaining what is expected, and when.

It is illegal to park in a drive and obstruct the pavement due to a car's length. If a vehicle is too long to fit in a drive its owner should find an alternative space. Cars should not overhang  driveways. Anyone wishing to report such an issue should write to  

Because we issue newsletters at approximately 4-monthly intervals, it is likely that the Committee will notify progress on the other issues raised in this meeting by email at the appropriate time 

Making Progress is published by the Progress Residents Association.
It is printed on their behalf by:

David Evans Property Services,
The Progress Estate Experts

0208 8859 5331

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

April 2018 Newsletter

April 2018

Letter from the Chair of the Committee 

Dear All,

I am stepping back into the post of Chair for this year and thank Margaret Oliver for her carrying out the role last year so well. Our Christmas Social was a great success and we all enjoyed the afternoon with the very professional singing of the choir from St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School.
The committee had a brainstorming session at the end of January to try and find new and/or more effective ways to represent and communicate with our residents. This is an ongoing feature for this year and so we ask your patience as we try and get to grips with these ideas.
Rita Billinghurst

Planning and Enforcement Liaison
We currently have a committee member vacancy to liaise with Royal Greenwich on planning and enforcement issues.   This role would involve bi-monthly meetings at The Woolwich Centre as well as liaison with the planning application committee member.   The position might be ideal for someone who has recently given up full-time work and who is interested in helping to maintain the architectural integrity of the Progress Estate Conservation Area.
If you would like to learn more about this position, please write to

Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams
Both the North and West areas of the estate have a committee member representing the residents at meetings.

These members will report any non-urgent concerns of yours at their next quarterly meeting but we do advise you to contact the police asap if you are concerned about your’s or a neighbours safety.

Coach Trip
Would you be interested in an organised coach trip to a place of interest or to the coast?
If you are, could you please contact us so we can see if this is a viable option.

Planning Permission: Works to slate roofs 
As most residents will know, new supplies of the slates used to roof some of the houses on our estate ceased to be quarried some decades ago. This issue came to a head last year when works were undertaken to certain properties in Ross Way and Whinyates Road. When making their planning applications, the owners of the properties implied that high proportions of the slates would be re-used yet, in the event, all were replaced with new tiles. 

We are therefore pleased to announce that Royal Greenwich has adopted new procedures designed to stop a repetition of this outcome: 

1. Applicants will be required to include an estimate of the minimum percentage of the original slates that they expect to incorporate in replacement roofs and fascias. 

2. Applicants will be required to specify that, where estimated recovery rates are below 100%, the entirety of the front roof will be re-laid in original tiles and to specify a suitable new tile to be used to fill the shortfall at the rear. This would normally be expected to be green Brazilian slates, in line with the Progress Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal. 

3. In assessing proposals, planning officers will have regard to the guidance within the Progress Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal that a minimum recovery rate of 80-90% should be possible. Where estimated recovery rates are below this benchmark, the applicant will be required to provide a robust justification for why a higher recovery rate is not considered possible. 

4. Where permission is granted, a condition will require the proposals to be implemented fully in accordance with the approved plans and accompanying documents. 
This approach will provide an effective means of enforcing against any breach of permission as the minimum retention rate will have been clearly specified in the application for planning. 

Plans to cut Victoria trains from the Bexleyheath line
The Government has confirmed that all services on the Bexleyheath Line to Victoria will be cut after the new franchise is awarded in 2018, despite the Government’s own consultation showing that 89% of respondents were opposed to plans to cut the number of local rail destinations. 

Until such time as Lewisham station is thoroughly modernised, cutting this service from Eltham and elsewhere would be a disaster for commuters, in particular for those who rely on the rail network as an accessible route to Kings College Hospital at Denmark Hill. 
If you oppose these plans please sign the petition online. Available at

We want you!
To get in touch with us to let us know what you would like us to be doing for you. 
Whether you have an idea for a residents event or feedback about the newsletter or our previous events then we want to hear from you. 
You can contact us via email via

Making Progress is published by the Progress Residents Association.
It is printed on their behalf by:

David Evans Property Services,
The Progress Estate Experts
0208 8859 5331