Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Write home soon" - A new painting commissioned to recognise the Centenary of the Progress Estate

"Write Home Soon" @ The Progress Estate, Eltham - Lynn Bennett-Usher

Prints of a beautiful new painting of the Progress Estate entitled "Write Home Soon", which was painted by resident Lynn Bennett-Usher, are available to purchase.

The prints are £35.00 per print (16"x12")
A framed print is £50.00 (17"x13").

Please contact:  Lynn or Rita (07947 043 479) in order to find out more details

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Local Schools’ Contribution to Progress Estate Centennial Celebrations

Press Release no: 2014/05  
  19 August 2014
A selection of the entries.  Displayed at the Eltham Centre

Towards the end of this year’s summer term, the children of St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School and Gordon Primary School took part in a competition to design posters for the Progress Estate’s centenary events.   The winning entries are on display until Saturday, 30th August at the Eltham Centre entrance to Eltham Library.    Rita Billinghurst, Chair of the Progress Residents Association, said ‘We are delighted with the quality and quantity of the winning designs which will be used to publicise our 2015 celebrations’.

Note for Editors:

Originally named the Well Hall Estate, The Progress Estate was built in 1915 to provide housing for the many additional workers the Woolwich Arsenal needed to manufacture the armaments required by the services during the First World War.   Conservation Area status was granted in 1975, in recognition of its unique architectural character.

For additional information, please contact:
Keith Billinghurst
Progress Residents Association committee member
56 Arsenal Road
London  SE9 1JY

tel: 020 8856 5593 or 07962 877389
Twitter:             @ProgressEstate

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Surface water flooding on The Progress Estate

An instance of surface water flooding was reported in Granby Road during the recent heavy rains.   Accordingly, the Residents Association raised the issue with local Councillors.   Cllr Wynn Davies (Eltham North) sought a response from Royal Greenwich who advised as follows: 

‘The Royal Borough is a Lead Local Flood Authority responsible for the flood risk management of surface and ground water flooding in the borough.   However, it does not have many powers over Thames Water, insofar as their maintenance and cleaning regimes are concerned.   Thames Water are responsible for their sewers and associated assets and have their own programs of cleaning the sewer networks.   This program is primarily based around the number of internal sewer flooding incidents and the assessed risk.   In the SE9 1 postcode area the very high level data we have access to shows between 1-5 incidents of internal sewer flooding compared to other parts of London where there are 100+ incidents of internal sewer flooding.   This would suggest the area to be fairly low in terms of risk.   However, Thames Water is committed to reducing the risk to all properties they are aware of (i.e. those who have reported it to them) who have suffered incidents of internal sewer flooding by 2027.   Royal Borough officers regularly meet with Thames Water and we will certainly raise [this recent report] with them at the next meeting.   

We have checked the Thames Water sewer data available to us and can confirm that there are both Surface Water Sewers and Foul Sewers within the majority of the estate. There are several instances where the foul sewer runs behind houses.   Some combined sewers are also present and these are mainly connecting several houses before discharging into the foul sewer network.   

If you are flooded, Thames Water ask that you call them on 0800 316 9800.   Anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing should call 0800 316 9898.     You should also report the matter to your household insurer immediately.   If you are a Hyde tenant you should also call them on 020 8297 7500.”

London Bridge Redevelopment

The following is reprinted from The Eltham Society’s Newsletter no. 197 (August 2104): 

In January 2015, there will be some drastic changes to our local train services.   This is as a result of the works to accommodate more Thameslink services at London Bridge.   Those who travel through London Bridge will have seen the preliminary work to provide new tracks and bridges over the roads.   From January to August 2016, no trains to Charing Cross will stop at London Bridge.   Only those to Cannon Street will stop there.   From August 2016 Charing Cross trains will stop but Cannon Street trains will not.

There are many changes from January 2015 and more will become clearer nearer the time.   Further information will be given in the Society’s November Newsletter but what we know is: No Charing Cross trains will call at London Bridge, New Cross or St Johns.   From 20 December to January 2018 no Thameslink trains will go through London Bridge, therefore those of you who may have changed at London Bridge to get to King's Cross will have to travel onward via the underground.
On the line through Eltham Station, the service to/from Victoria will run later in the evening Monday to Saturday with the last train leaving Victoria at 00.09.    On Sunday all trains will run to Victoria, with the last train leaving Victoria at 23:29 and none to/from Charing Cross.

Through New Eltham, all Sunday trains will be to/from Cannon Street.
The Thameslink works are to cause serious changes at London Bridge from next January. 
As a prelude, there will be some changes at London Bridge from Saturday 23rd August to Sunday 31st August.

Most train services on Southeastern (from Eltham, New Eltham, etc.) will not change. However, during that period there will be no Southern or Thameslink trains to or through London Bridge. 

Therefore, if you are going to Gatwick or Luton Airports you will need to go via Victoria for Gatwick or the Underground to St Pancras for Luton.

Also, there will be no London Overground between New Cross and Canada Water during that period – there will be a special replacement bus service.
 There will probably be other changes throughout the country during that period so it is best to check those train services.

Further info from

This information has been provided by The Eltham Society.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Family Stories of the Great War

An invitation for everyone living on the Progress Estate

The Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust has invited everyone living on the Progress Estate to a preview of their exhibition Family Stories of the Great War in the Greenwich Heritage Centre at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday 30th July.   Light refreshments will be served and we will have the opportunity to meet the staff and volunteers who have worked on this community project.

The exhibition will run until 31st October.   The opening hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the days Tuesday to Saturday.   From the beginning of November it will tour to other venues in the Royal Borough.

The exhibition is built on the work of Heritage Trust staff and volunteers who have spent the last six months researching names from war memorials in Charlton, Eltham and Woolwich along with the rĂ´le of Charlton House as an auxiliary wartime hospital.

As you may know, there is very limited car parking in Woolwich.   The easiest way to travel there from Eltham is on a 122 or 161 bus.   There are various stops along Well Hall Road.  The 122 takes about 10 minutes and the 161 15-20 minutes.   Both are 10-12 minutes services and stop in Beresford Square (‘Ber Sq’ on the map opposite).   The Heritage Centre is 5-10 minutes’ walk away.   Go down New Road, cross Beresford Street and enter the Arsenal through the wrought-iron gates on the opposite side of the pedestrian crossing.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Finding a House on the Progress Estate, Eltham, SE9

The Progress Estate is a conservation area situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  Its garden village layout and architecture that was inspired by the design ideals of the arts and crafts movement makes it an attractive place to live.   The map below names every road on the Estate other than Cornwallis Road (the short road that runs east to west between Arsenal and Granby Roads) and Franklin Passage, a non-vehicular road running between Dickson and Phineas Pett Roads.

Looking to buy a home on the Progress Estate?

We have included a list of our Estate’s postcodes at the end of this article to assist those who, having decided where on our Estate they would like to live, choose to see what is on offer via the various search engines that operate on-line.

Whilst there are a number of estate agents practicing in Eltham, we would like to mention two in particular who are sponsoring different aspects of our 1915-2015 celebrations:

David Evans Property Services
20 Well Hall Road
London  SE9 6SF

tel: 020 3324 7826

Conran Estates
42 Well Hall Rd
London  SE9 6SF 

tel: 020 8378 5450


Eltham estate agents serving The Progress Estate

Name Address Post Code Tel Email (or website if contact is via site)

Bernard Skinner 22 Well Hall Road SE9 6SF 020 8859 3033
Conran Estates 42 Well Hall Road SE9 6SF 020 8378 5450 
David Evans Property Services 20 Well Hall Road SE9 6SF 020 3324 7826
Harrison Ingram 156 Well Hall Road SE9 6SN 020 3324 5966
Mann Estate Agents 78 Eltham High Street SE9 1BX 020 7305 7432
Pick Me Properties 3 Odeon Parade SE9 6BZ 020 8850 4955
Robinson-Jackson 2-4 Court Yard SE9 5PZ 020 8859 9600
Westmount Estates 124 Westmount Road SE9 1UT 020 8859 0101
Your Move 8 Well Hall Road SE9 6SF 020 8850 1101

Seeking a home to rent?

There are quite a few houses on our Estate that are rented privately.   Unfortunately we do not have a list of owners’ names so suggest you contact the local estate agents, many of whom have letting departments.

Seeking social housing?

About 500 houses on the Estate are owned by The Hyde Group.   They provide social housing to residents who have successfully bid for them through Greenwich Homes, the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s choice-based lettings scheme.

More information about Greenwich Homes is available on-line at:

Alternatively, you may telephone 020 8921 2941 or send an email to:

Please note that Hyde Group do not allocate houses themselves.


Data downloaded from

Accessed 8th & 9th February, 2009

Road House numbers Post code

Admiral Seymour Road even numbers 2 - 32(incl. Progress Hall) SE9 1SL
odd numbers plus even numbers 34 - 54 SE9 1SN
Arsenal Road all numbers 1 – 17 & odd numbers 19 – 27 SE9 1JS
even numbers 18 - 52 SE9 1JU
even numbers 54 - 96 SE9 1JY
odd numbers 29 - 75 SE9 1JT
odd numbers 77 – 95 & all numbers 97 - 125 SE9 1JZ
Brome Road all numbers 1 - 9 SE9 1LE
all numbers 10 -19 SE9 1LD
Cobbett Road all numbers  SE9 6NH
Congreve Road all numbers 1 – 21 & odd numbers 23 - 33 SE9 1LP
even numbers 22 – 36, all numbers 38 – 47 & odd numbers 49 - 83 SE9 1LW
even numbers 48 - 88 SE9 1LN
odd numbers 85 - 139 SE9 1LL
Cornwallis Walk all numbers SE9 1JX
Dickson Road even numbers 2 - 20 SE9 6RB
even numbers 22 - 44 SE9 6RF
odd numbers 1 - 17 SE9 6RA
odd numbers 19 - 59 SE9 6RE
Downman Road all numbers  SE9 6RD
Franklin Passage all numbers  SE9 6RG
Granby Road even numbers 2 –  42 SE9 1EW
even numbers 44 - 76 SE9 1EN
even numbers 78 - 112 SE9 1EL
odd numbers 1 - 89 SE9 1EH
odd numbers 91 - 137 SE9 1EJ
Lovelace Green even numbers SE9 1LF
odd numbers  SE9 1LG
Martin Bowes Road all numbers SE9 1LQ
Maudslay Road all numbers 1 - 24 & even numbers 26 - 52 SE9 1LJ
odd numbers 25 - 55 SE9 1LH
Moira Road even numbers SE9 1SH
odd numbers  SE9 1SJ
Phineas Pett Road even numbers SE9 6RH
odd numbers SE9 6RQ
Prince Rupert Road even numbers 2 - 54 SE9 1LS
odd numbers 1 - 43 SE9 1LR
odd numbers 45 – 55 & all numbers 56 - 78 SE9 1LA
Rochester Way odd numbers 475 - 485 and even numbers 496 - 506 SE9 1SW
even numbers 508 - 532 SE9 1SQ
odd numbers 487 - 513 SE9 1SP
Ross Way even numbers SE9 6RL
odd numbers SE9 6RJ
Sandby Green all numbers SE9 6NJ
Shrapnel Road all numbers SE9 1LB
Well Hall Road even numbers 182 – 212 SE9 6SR
even numbers 214 - 258 SE9 6ST
even numbers 260 - 306 SE9 6UG
even numbers 308 - 360 SE9 6UE
even numbers 362 - 410 SE9 6UF
even numbers 412 - 416 SE9 6UD
odd numbers 101 - 123 SE9 6TR
odd numbers 125 - 163 SE9 6TS
odd numbers 165 - 175 SE9 6TT
Whinyates Road even numbers 2 - 66 SE9 6NN
odd numbers 1 - 31 SE9 6NW
odd numbers 33 – 51 & even numbers 68 - 86 SE9 6NL

Local amenities

The Train station (Zone 4) is around 10 minutes away by foot and London Charing Cross is a mere 25 minute journey.  The perimeter of the estate is also well served by buses going to various destinations.

Local primary schools include Deansfield, Gordon School and St Thomas More - all with excellent Ofsted results.  Eltham is also served by a number of good comprehensive schools.  The London Borough of Bexley (which has Grammar and Secondary schools) is also easily accessible by bus.

Within easy walking distance, both Westmount Road and Well Hall Road have a number of well-known retailers and independents shops.  The new Kinesis Gym in the old Coronet cinema building is also proving popular with residents.   The beautiful Well Hall Pleasaunce is wonderful place for a stroll or to watch the world go by, and located within the park is the 16th century "Tudor Barn" restaurant where you can dine within a beautiful historic building. 

The extremely practical Eltham High Street - is a 15-20 min walk, with a large Sainsbury's, M&S, Debenhams, Lidl, Boots, Superdrug, Iceland, WHSmith and many other well known high street brands as well as a good mix of independent retailers and eateries.  A cinema is also in the plans.

The excellent Eltham Centre with Gym and Library is also located in the High Street

Further afield - Greenwich (museums, covered market, Cutty Sark, and Royal Park), Blackheath, Bluewater and Kent are also very easily accessible by Car or public transport.

Covenant by Purchasers of Progress Estate Houses to Pay a Proportion of the Costs Incurred in the Maintenance of the Estate's Common Parts


The Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society (RACS) purchased all the houses on our estate from the Government in June, 1925.  A number of the freeholds were thereafter sold to individuals until, in November, 1980, the remaining 500 or so were bought by Hyde Housing.

We believe all RACS transfers to individual purchasers may have contained a clause under which the latter covenanted to pay to RACS a percentage of the costs incurred in the maintenance, upkeep and cleaning of the estate’s common parts.   We assume these percentages reflected the value of the property being transferred as a proportion of the estimated freehold value of the estate as a whole.   Thus, in one deed we have seen, the amount is 0.12% per annum. 

Most present-day owners probably purchased their houses from someone subsequent to the person who acquired it from RACS.   However, prospective purchasers’ solicitors are likely to scrutinise RACS transfers in scrutinising chains of title.

Following one or two enquiries asking whether or not monies are being collected under this covenant, we approached The Co-operative Group to ask them if they considered they still had a legal right to collect them.   Their Legal Department replied on 24th June 2014:

‘We can find no evidence from the investigations we have made that Co-operative Group Limited collect monies regarding the common parts of the Estate.   On that basis it would appear the Group have no entitlement to claim such monies.’

We trust this information will help vendors’ solicitors reply to purchasers’ enquiries.   If any further information is required, interested parties should contact:

Legal Department
The Co-operative Group
1 Angel Square
Manchester  M60 0AG

tel: 08437 512945
fax: 08437 514487 


Neither the Progress Residents Association nor its committee members jointly or severally accept any liability in relation to the forgoing.   Vendors and purchasers, whether actual or prospective, must rely solely upon advice obtained from their professional advisers. 

The Progress Residents Association

5th July, 2014