Thursday, 3 April 2014

Trams at Well Hall Roundabout

Tramlines on Well Hall Roundabout- via Steve Bardrick
Some lovely photos care of John Griggs (part of the Well Hall, it's stories and history group on Facebook), of the Well Hall roundabout.

Sorry - no date for these yet.  If anyone wants to hazard a guess, please add a comment.

via John Griggs - Well Hall Roundabout

via John Griggs - Well Hall Roundabout
Via - Well Hall Road

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  1. The bottom shot is slightly older. Routes 46 & 72 were amongst the last group to close as part of the final stage (8) of Operation Tramaway on 5 July 1952. The top shot was probably taken during Last Tram Week - 30 June - 5 July 1952; the bottom one probably the year before - 1951