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August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018

Have our emails stopped arriving in your inbox?
At the time we created our list, emails were sent from a spreadsheet we maintained ourselves. After not very long, Gmail's approach to emails caused us to move to MailChimp, a provider now used by many organisations. We used to write to people whose emails were undelivered. Almost invariably, the reason why the email bounced, was they had changed their email addresses and they happily gave us their new one.

Because individuals' right to unsubscribe has heightened importance under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are no longer told of non-deliveries so cannot write to people as we used to. If therefore you change your email address, please write to from your new address and put 'new email address' in as the subject. We will then add your new address to our list.

Trades Database
Did you know that we have a list of recommended tradesmen and companies on our website here?
References are from past or current residents, resulting in each tradesman or company being added to the list.
If you would like to recommend a tradesman or company please email us at, telling us their trade, how to best contact them, the work that they did and when this was.

Parking Meeting
Feedback from the residents’ meeting regarding car parking concerns within the estate 
A public meeting was held in the Progress Hall on 13th July 2018 to ascertain residents’ concerns about parking and highway issues. The 37 people who attended represented 27 households from 12 roads across our Estate. We recorded 25 separate issues, each of which has been allocated to one of 7 groups:

Police/Royal Greenwich enforcement issues
Controlled Parking Zone issues
Other parking issues
Road marking issues
One-way road issues
Neighbourhood issues

The first group included 9 of the 25 issues. The Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Team have kindly provided feedback clarifying the division of responsibilities between the police and Royal Greenwich:

It is not illegal to park on pavements, provided pedestrians can continue to walk past them on the pavement. If a parked vehicle stops pedestrians using the pavement the matter should be reported to the non-emergency police telephone number, 101.

If residents believe vehicles are breaking the speed limit, they should report the matter to the same police number. Teams will ask for the name of the road (and in the case of long roads, the relevant part) and the time and days the speeding occurs.

Double-parking blocking the road should also be reported to 101.

Parking on double-yellow lines should be reported to Royal Greenwich, preferably by email to (main telephone no: 020 8854 8888)

Bins that are left blocking the pavement after they have been emptied should be reported to or by phone to 020 8921 4411 and, whether emailing or phoning, residents should specify they are reporting anti-social behaviour. When a large delivery is expected, or space needs to be reserved for a removal lorry, residents using bins to reserve a space are asked to display a note explaining what is expected, and when.

It is illegal to park in a drive and obstruct the pavement due to a car's length. If a vehicle is too long to fit in a drive its owner should find an alternative space. Cars should not overhang  driveways. Anyone wishing to report such an issue should write to  

Because we issue newsletters at approximately 4-monthly intervals, it is likely that the Committee will notify progress on the other issues raised in this meeting by email at the appropriate time 

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