Monday, 13 June 2016

The day the water came

Residents on Saturday 11th June 2016 along Well Hall Road, were awoken by small river caused by a broken water main.  The road was closed to traffic.  At time of writing, Thames Water are reporting up-to five days to fix.

Article from Newsshopper -
“A burst water main has shut an Eltham road for five days.
Well Hall Road (A205) has been closed both ways after a water main blew between Dunblane Road and Well Hall Roundabout (A208).
Kenneth Kelsall lives on neighbouring Congreave road and filmed the flooding on Saturday (June 11).
He told News Shopper: "The traffic started going past the house and I assumed there was a major crash, it was the most surreal experience I have ever seen, the water was half way above the wheels of a police car."It was like a river, one woman was really worried because it was going to flood her house.
"All the vehicles were covered in sand because the pressure had built up so much there would have been an explosion, there were bricks down the road from where it happened, all the sand was blown all over the cars."
The road is likely to remain shut until at least June 17 as emergency repairs begin today (June 13).
Mr Kelsall added: "They told me to get away from the area, that it would collapse, so they were shouting at me to move away as far as possible, all the path had been ripped up."
Bus diversions for routes 121 and 161 are in place.”

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