Friday, 16 January 2015

Fracking Risk to The Progress Estate and Surrounding Areas

Horizontal drilling is a technique that allows a drilling rig to be set up one piece of land from which it will then drill - horizontally - under others.   The law at present requires drillers to obtain permission from all property owners under whose land drilling is proposed before exploration may commence.

The Infrastructure Bill currently making its way through Parliament seeks to change this law.   If adopted, drilling companies will be entitled to drill horizontally under anyone's property once they have permission from the owner of the land where the rig is to be set up.   Many people, if asked, would see this as an infringement of their rights, especially given the potential risks of fracking.    

Friends of the Earth have produced a map showing areas of the UK currently licensed and under consideration for licensing for fracking tests.   It is at and people may enter their postcode for an enlarged view of their own area.   Whilst the colour-coding is not at clear as one might have hoped, the Progress Estate does appear to be on the edge of an area where licensing is under consideration.

The progress of the Infrastructure Bill can be followed at
s38 Degrees are seeking signatures to their on-line petition against this proposal to restrict property owners' rights.   Anyone wishing to sign it should go to

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