Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Guidance for the installation of roof lights on the Progress Estate

The latest edition of the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Guidelines for the Progress Estate was published in October 1998 (‘Planning Guidelines’) and has been replicated in the Resident Association’s leaflet The Progress Estate: When do I need planning permission?    

Periodic changes in the number of applications to install roof lights is probably cyclical; as house prices rise, and supply falls, many people would rather turn their loft spaces into living accommodation than sell up and move to larger properties.

One of the governing documents for the granting of planning permission on the Progress Estate is the Progress Estate Character Appraisal, adopted in December, 2007:

Para 7: In architectural and historic terms, the Progress Estate houses are a successful sophisticated exercise in the picturesque tradition of garden suburb town planning.   There was a conscious attempt to emulate the organic growth of the traditional English village …Factors which contribute to this architectural effect include ...roof forms … 
Para 14: … The damaging effect on roofscape of … roof lights: The estate was designed and built entirely on two floors – ground and first floor - and its roofscape is an important visual characteristic. …

Planning permission is not required for the installation of roof lights on rear roof slopes.   All other works to roofs on houses in the Progress Estate, including the installation of roof lights on the front and flank roof slopes along with dormer windows and the replacement of roof tiles, will require planning permission.   The installation of roof lights on front and flank walls that are clearly visible from the public highway (including foot paths) are unlikely to be approved.   The open character of the estate means that cases will be decided on their individual merits.

People considering undertaking alterations/works to the roofs of properties in the Progress Estate Conservation Area are strongly advised to contact Royal Greenwich’s Planning Department to discuss their requirements before committing themselves to any expenditure.

Neither the Progress Residents Association nor its committee members, jointly or severally, can be held responsible for this note or if the Royal Borough publishes revised Guidance.   The Planning Department is split into teams.   

To find a team’s telephone number, go to  www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/info/200074/planning/15/contact_the_planning_department then scroll down to Telephone enquiries, enter the name of your road and click on the button marked ‘search’. 

Any Resident is free to contact the Residents Association at TheProgressEstate@gmail.com who will provide further assistance where possible.

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