Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Surface water flooding on The Progress Estate

An instance of surface water flooding was reported in Granby Road during the recent heavy rains.   Accordingly, the Residents Association raised the issue with local Councillors.   Cllr Wynn Davies (Eltham North) sought a response from Royal Greenwich who advised as follows: 

‘The Royal Borough is a Lead Local Flood Authority responsible for the flood risk management of surface and ground water flooding in the borough.   However, it does not have many powers over Thames Water, insofar as their maintenance and cleaning regimes are concerned.   Thames Water are responsible for their sewers and associated assets and have their own programs of cleaning the sewer networks.   This program is primarily based around the number of internal sewer flooding incidents and the assessed risk.   In the SE9 1 postcode area the very high level data we have access to shows between 1-5 incidents of internal sewer flooding compared to other parts of London where there are 100+ incidents of internal sewer flooding.   This would suggest the area to be fairly low in terms of risk.   However, Thames Water is committed to reducing the risk to all properties they are aware of (i.e. those who have reported it to them) who have suffered incidents of internal sewer flooding by 2027.   Royal Borough officers regularly meet with Thames Water and we will certainly raise [this recent report] with them at the next meeting.   

We have checked the Thames Water sewer data available to us and can confirm that there are both Surface Water Sewers and Foul Sewers within the majority of the estate. There are several instances where the foul sewer runs behind houses.   Some combined sewers are also present and these are mainly connecting several houses before discharging into the foul sewer network.   

If you are flooded, Thames Water ask that you call them on 0800 316 9800.   Anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing should call 0800 316 9898.     You should also report the matter to your household insurer immediately.   If you are a Hyde tenant you should also call them on 020 8297 7500.”

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