Friday, 14 February 2014

PRA Made a Stakeholder For Any Re-Consultation to Extend the Eltham Station and Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone

We posted an announcement on the website ( on 3rd February about a possible extension to the Eltham Station and Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone.    We are now pleased to say that Royal Greenwich has agreed to include the Progress Residents Association on their list of Stakeholders for the project.

If Royal Greenwich decides to take the matter any further they will write to every house in the roads they propose to include.   However, they will not be writing to houses in surrounding roads.

Local elections are due to be held on 22nd May.   The consultation cannot be underway during the three weeks preceding this date so it is very likely that nothing will happen until after then.

We will of course write to all residents for whom we have an email address if and when we are advised that a re-consultation has been launched.   Our intention will be to ask people (especially those not living in the proposed roads) to send their opinions to us so we can submit them to Royal Greenwich.

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