Monday, 3 February 2014

Possible Re-Consultation to Extend The Eltham Station and Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone

Implications for the Progress Estate

The Royal Borough of Greenwich carried out a consultation in early 2011 to determine the
level of support for an extension of this Controlled Parking Zone (‘CPZ’). It did not proceed, principally because 48.6% of the residents in the roads that would have been included voted 2:1 against the proposal. These, on our Estate, were:
-  Moira Road
-  Admiral Seymour and Congreve Roads south of 
Rochester Way
-  Well Hall Road between its junction with Admiral Seymour Road and the Coronet roundabout (the part south of this junction already being in the Zone).

In late 2013, Royal Greenwich conducted a new Parking Attitude Survey. They again wrote to residents in roads in the proposed area to establish whether or not people would now support an extension. These roads are the ones shaded in lime green on the above plan. The roads on our Estate are the same as those consulted in 2011.

The area shaded mid-green on the plan below illustrates the parts of our Estate where there is support to be included in the Zone. 

These are:

-  Well Hall Road between its junction with Admiral Seymour Road and the Coronet roundabout

-  Admiral Seymour Road from its junction with Well Hall Road to the beginning of Prince Rupert Road

-  Prince Rupert Road up to its junction with Congreve Road.

Royal Greenwich’s Strategic 

Transportation team now have to decide whether or not to proceed with this issue. If they do, they will write again to the houses they propose to include in an enlarged CPZ.

The problem that this CPZ tries to address is that of commuter parking. In deciding its response to the 2011 consultation the Residents Association came to the conclusion that it was not in the interests of our Estate as a whole that the Zone be extended. This was because any extension would simply move the problem to a different set of roads, including the southern end of all those north of Rochester Way.

We will attempt to be kept informed by Royal Greenwich of developments, albeit the concept of statutory consultees, as set up for planning applications, does not extend to CPZ’s.

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