Monday, 1 February 2021

Guidance for Replacement Front Doors

The Residents' Association are unable to offer guidance on individual cases.  
Please contact Royal Greenwich Planning officers for assistance - Royal Greenwich Planning

The latest edition of the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Guidelines for the Progress Estate was published in October 1998 (‘Planning Guidelines’) and has been replicated in the Resident Association’s leaflet The Progress Estate: When do I need planning permission? 

People considering replacing their front doors are strongly advised to contact Royal Greenwich’s Planning Department to discuss their requirements before committing themselves to any expenditure. Neither the Progress Residents Association nor its committee members, jointly or severally, can be held responsible for this note or if the Royal Borough publishes revised Guidance. As of 4th December, 2013, the Planning Department’s contact numbers were 020 8921 5782 for people whose postcodes are SE9 1_ _ and 020 8921 5708 if they are SE9 6_ _ . 

Planning Guidelines state that timber is the preferred material for replacement doors. Although this preference still applies, nowadays people tend to prefer doors with uPVC frames. However, the design of the original doors is a fundamental characteristic of the Estate. It is therefore important that uPVC doors replicate the design of those illustrated in our leaflet. One of the few doors that has consistently been accepted by Royal Greenwich’s planners is the Legacy Rutland door, manufactured by CWG Choices. We understand these doors are supplied by both Tolland Glass of Tudor Parade, Well Hall Road, Eltham, London, SE9 6SX (tel: 020 8850 9236) and DW Installations of 25 Hillingdon Road, Bexleyheath DA7 6LP (tel: 01322 406821 or 07956 365235). 

 Royal Greenwich considers all applications for planning permission on their individual merits. Residents are advised not to commit themselves financially to any installer before obtaining planning permission. An accurate representation of every proposed door must accompany applications. 

Any Resident is free to contact the Residents Association at who will provide further assistance where possible.


  1. We have seen that the choices door is now being denied planning approval, does this document now need updating?

    1. Yes - we are aware that Greenwich Council has changed some of the planning guidelines - we will update this page accordingly